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Origin: Egypt

Nutritional value:

1. Vitamin B1, B2 can promote skin metabolism and blood circulation, make skin white, moist.

2. It contains cellulose and pectin substances, which is beneficial to clear bowel movement and eliminate harmful substances in the body.

3. Rich in vitamin C and vitamin P, it can enhance the body's resistance, increase the elasticity of capillaries, reduce the cholesterol in blood, and prevent hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

Functions and functions:

1. With stomach drop, orange flavor acid, sexual cold, liver, stomach meridian. There are and medium appetizers, health anti-nausea work. Good for the vomiting caused by the stagnation of diet, the wind in the stomach, the liver, stomach and heat and other diseases.

2. Wide chest open knot, orange is cold, have clear heat to reduce the work, good clear lung chest heat, wide chest open knot, cool blood stanch blood, the effect is remarkable.

3. The gall is caused by the invasion of foreign pathogens, or the internal injury of the emotions, and the weakness of the constitution, so that the air machine is blocked and the fluid accumulates into phlegm.

4. To kill poison of the fish, crab, the oranges taste aromatic acid, acid can sterilization, in addition to amuse oneself, inverse, and stomach drop due to drinking too much, or do fish and crab dishes, have a good taste and detoxification from ingesting.