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Navel Orange
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Navel Orange

Origin: South Africa

Nutritional value:

Navel orange is rich in nutrition and contains all kinds of nutrients necessary for human body. Navel orange contains a lot of vitamin C and beta-carotene, helping to suppress carcinogens form, it can soften and protect blood vessels, promote blood circulation, helps to lower cholesterol and blood fat, reducing the possibility of heart disease, prevention of gallbladder disease.

Functions and functions:

1. Ornamental value

Fruit orange yellow with green stripes, suitable for potted plants, is the view leaf, fruit.

2. Medicinal value

Orange is slightly cool, taste sweet, acid, has the shengjin to quench thirst, the effect of appetizing breath, the main treatment appetite is depressed, the chest abdominal distension is full of pain, in the abdomen thunder and then loose loose or diarrhea, fruit skin for medicine; The seeds are about 30% oil.

(1) oranges contain a lot of vitamin C and carotene, which can inhibit the formation of carcinogens, and can also soften and protect blood vessels, promote blood circulation, and lower cholesterol and blood lipids.

(2) regular consumption of oranges is effective against gallbladder disease.