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Origin: Egypt, Australia, South Africa.

Nutritional value:

1. Orange has wide intestine, spleen, eliminating phlegm, appetizers xiaoshi, anti-nausea, pain, cough, and so on, can be used in the treatment of chest tightness, abdominal distension, vomiting, constipation, urinate impeded, hemorrhoids bleeding, hangovers, poison fish, crabs, etc.

2. Oranges are rich in various organic acids and vitamins, which can regulate the metabolism of the body, especially for the elderly and patients with cardiovascular diseases.

3. Orange peel contains fruit acid, can promote appetite, the person that is deficient in gastric acid can help digest.

4. The fiber in the orange can help reduce cholesterol. Oranges are rich in vitamin C, which helps prevent cancer.

Functions and functions:

1. Enhance body resistance.

Orange fruit contains rich vitamin C, vitamin P and organic acids, can protect cells, white blood cell activity, resist free radical, have obvious adjustment function to the human body metabolism, can strengthen the body resistance.Sweet orange flesh and skin can remove fish, crab poison, to drunk and sober also have decanting effect.

2. Quicken the intestinal peristalsis.

Orange is rich in fiber and pectin, for speeding up the intestinal peristalsis has a certain role, can help the body to clear the bowel movement, as soon as possible expel harmful substances in the body.

3. Prevent and cure cold and cough.

The cough of orange peel is stronger than Chen skin, if you have a cold cough, appetite depressed disease, choose to drink some orange skin water to have certain treatment effect.

4. can prevent cancer.

The beneficial ingredients in oranges can remove harmful free radicals from the body and prevent the growth of cancer cells.According to the measurement, oranges are the highest antioxidant content in all fruits. The flavonoids in oranges have anti-inflammatory properties and reduce the effect of clotting.Therefore, eating oranges often has a certain effect on preventing cancer.

5. Reduce the risk of gallstones.

Oranges are rich in vitamin C and have always been a favorite fruit for many people. For them, there is a surprising benefit to eating oranges, which is to reduce the risk of gallstones.